Why MoneyGeek?

We enable ordinary people to invest their savings themselves.

As far as we know, we're the only website in Canada that provides specific step-by-step instructions on how ordinary people can invest their own savings. Why should you choose us over a traditional financial advisor? Here are a few reasons.

  • Most good financial advisors won't take on someone with less than $100,000.
  • Financial advisors often cost more than you think (unless they're fee-only)
  • Most mutual funds perform badly - we think you can do much better
  • With our resources, investing your money right isn't as hard as you think
  • You'll receive regular updates on the market through our blog and newsletters
  • You'll get a better sense of the risks involved

Look around our site, and we think you'll agree with each point.

What I Stand For

We believe that smart investing can make all the difference in people's lives. We also believe that investing not for the moment, with an eye to the future, can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, even for the average middle income earner.

We believe that while investing is complicated, it doesn't always need to be. We believe that most people are perfectly capable of learning the basics for themselves, and using that knowledge to make intelligent decisions.

We believe that our resources can empower the average person to invest their own savings independently, and get better results.

As part of our mission, we try to educate our audience on how to become better at investing. If you'd like to receive our free book on investing as well as our monthly newsletters, enter your email below. (You can trust us with your email)

How MoneyGeek Started

I first imagined MoneyGeek in early 2012. At the time, I was working as an analyst at a fund in Vancouver. I had always wanted this type of job, and I was earning good money as well.

However, I found the job less and less fulfilling as the months passed by. The fund was making good money for its clients, but it bothered me that all the clients were already wealthy. As the wealthy had access to all the best professionals, they became even wealthier relative to the rest of us.

I thought about becoming a financial advisor to young professionals, but I couldn't bear the thought of selling mutual funds and whole life insurance. Knowing what I knew, I would have felt like a sell-out. So I thought,

"What if I created an online resource that did the financial advisors' job?"

I looked around for a company that already did just that, but I found none in Canada. I quit his job on August 2012, and started working on MoneyGeek.

MoneyGeek launched on March 2013. It took me 6 and a half months of hard work to complete the first version of MoneyGeek. It took much time building numerical algorithms, testing user experiences so that users found it as simple as possible, without sacrificing the quality of our offerings.

Investment Philosophy

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to investing.

Technical analysts try to anticipate the behaviour of the crowds. These people trade in and out of stocks and other investments in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes.

Passive investors believe that the markets are very efficient, so they buy index funds and sit on them. This is also called the couch potato way of investing.

As for myself, I firmly belong to the value investing camp.

As a value investor, I believe that every financial security such as stocks and bonds has its own objective true value. We also sometimes call this value 'intrinsic value'.

I believe that while the markets are fairly efficient, it's nowhere near completely efficient. This means that the price that investors pay for financial securities are sometimes wildly different from their intrinsic values.

As a value investor, I constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the intrinsic value of investments. When the price is below intrinsic value, I buy. When the price is above intrinsic value, I sell. I don't pretend to know how the various stocks, bonds or ETFs will behave in the short term (less than 3 years!). Therefore, I don't try to 'time the market' as technical analysts do.

My value investing philosophy guides everything I do on this site. It guides the way I construct our optimized portfolios. It guides what I post on the blog..

About Dr. Choi

I'm the Founder of MoneyGeek, and the author of The Short Book on Investments For Canadians. I have a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, specializing in the area of Financial Mathematics.

I spent nearly 2 years working as an analyst for Shoreline West Asset Management, a top-performing fund based in Vancouver. Prior to Shoreline, I spent 8 months working for RBC, building prototype software that calculates operational risk liabilities.

I've been featured in The Globe And Mail and MoneySense Magazine.

I'm very passionate about investing. I'm a member of the Motley Fool CAPS, where I'm currently ranked in the top 1% of all participants. You can find the performance of my own personal portfolio here. (*Note)

I'm a follower of Christ, and I live with my wife in London, Ontario.

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