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I am looking to build a shariah compliant portfolio and have been looking at the shariah compliant portfolios on this website. I understand that instead of bonds, it is recommend to keep the money as cash but I was wondering if we could replace traditional bonds with islamic bonds or Sukuks.

I noticed there are a lot of sukuks on the london stock exchange, but I can't figure out if I can buy any Sukuks or Sukuk ETFs on Questrade. There is also the S&P MENA Sukuk Index but I don't know if I can purchase that on questrade.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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answered Jun 12, 2017 09:45 AM by
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Hi Mirvise,

Thank you for your question.
I don't think you will be able to buy Sukuks directly on the London exchange in your Questrade Account. You will have to of course confirm with questrade. You should be able to buy Sukuk ETFs and/or the S&P MENA Sukuk index in your Questrade account. That should be no problem and is probably the better route to take anyway.

I can help you with this and discuss the pro's and con's of the above investments if you would like.
You can call my office directly 519-601-9146 or let me know when and how I can get a hold of you.

Best regards, Fionn O'Flanagan

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Forgive my ignorance. I don't see any Sukuk ETFs or the S&P MENA Sukuk index in questrade. I don't see the S&P Shariah index in their either. Am I missing something? Do you know any sukuk or shariah ETF ticker symbols I can look into?

imymulla ( Jun 21, 2017 05:23 PM )edit
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