TFSA reinvestment 2018

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asked Dec 03, 2017 08:42 PM by
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HI Jin

Sorry about the question i know this has been asked before.

My tfsa has made money this year.

Do i sell everything before end of 2017 and reinvest my profits + my allowed contribution room for 2018? Is this allowed by cra.?

for example if i invested 5500 in 2017 made 1000 = 6500. would i reinvest my 6500 + new contribution room?



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answered Dec 08, 2017 01:56 PM by
Jin Won Choi gravatar image Administrator

Hi Chris,

You don't have to sell your investments that are already inside your TFSA. Also, as long as the money stays inside the TFSA, you can reinvest it anytime in the future without worrying about the CRA.

Hope that helps,


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