USD$ ETF or CAD ETF in Non-registered account when you already have USD$

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asked Jan 19, 2018 09:50 AM by
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Hi Jin,

I am new to the website and am a beginner DIY investor.

I have some USD sitting as cash and am considering buying S&P 500 ETF from either iShare or Vangaurd. When I looked at the underlaying asset of both ETFs, they are just holding their equivalent USD$ S&P 500 EFTs. Since I already have USD available I'm wondering if it's better to buy USD ETF instead of CAD one. Before I go ahead and execute this, I would like to know your opinion.

Thanks you!

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answered Jan 19, 2018 12:32 PM by
Jin Won Choi gravatar image Administrator

Hi Jean,

If you're determined to buy an S&P 500 ETF, and if you already have US dollars, then you'd save money by just buying iShares or Vanguard's US listed ETF instead of converting the cash into CAD dollars first. That's what I'd do if I were in your situation.


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Asked: Jan 19, 2018 09:50 AM

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