Tracking Portfolio Growth

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asked Jan 23, 2018 01:31 PM by
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I've read a couple posts mentioning Google Finance or Sharesight, but curious if there are any other reco's to have a bit more insight than Questrades limited details.

I love sharesight, but only having 10 free stocks and 20 with the first tier of paid is limiting. Google Finance however says it is shutting down the Portfolio portion.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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With Google Finance shutting down I started using Wealthica, and really like it so far. They appear to be partnered somewhat with Questrade now. I tried using sharesight and it didn't work for something I wanted to track. Might have been IVAL/QVAL, dont recall exactly.

mcclungv ( Jan 26, 2018 11:40 AM )edit

inglesgaff, could you drop me a line at info@moneygeekca? I'd like to get a better understanding of what you're looking for.

Jin Choi ( Jan 27, 2018 03:03 PM )edit

Thanks @mcclungv, i'll look into Wealthica now!

inglesgaff ( Jan 29, 2018 03:43 PM )edit

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answered Jan 27, 2019 12:45 PM by
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https://www.tmxmoney.com/en/index.html or try https://www.barchart.com I use both...

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