$1 million goal still achieveable?

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Hello Jin,

first of all Thank you very much for running Money Geek and for all the valuable tools and articles you provide! Kudos to you for thaT!

I consider myself to still be fairly novice in the investing game and I follow the Canadian Couch Potato or the Money Geek approach for my investments. I wanted to ask a pretty provocative question, but this is not meant to discredit you or put you down - that is not my intention! You always state in your month-end reports "... I (Jin Choi) talk about my goal of reaching $1 million in my TFSA account by 2033. " Given that you are at around $65k in your TFSA right now and 2033 is just a mere 15 years away, do you think it is still realistic to achieve this goal? This would be equal to a 16%+ growth rate each year. I know it is 15 years out and nobody knows what will happen in that time. I just wanted to get your thinking behind setting your goal and whether you now think that it needs adjusting. And let me emphasize again: this is not meant to criticize you or anything along those lines; that is not my point! I highly value and respect what you are sharing with all of us on here!

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answered Jun 22, 2018 01:35 PM by
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Hi HelmutD,

You raise a good question, and I don't mind you asking about it. I do think the goal is still achievable, but it would be tough to pull it off. In my mind, the fact that the goal is hard makes it worth aiming for, so I plan on keeping the goal as long as it's still realistically achievable.

Some may wonder if achieving 16% per year is unrealistically high. I personally don't think it is. I think Buffett once said that if he had a very small sum today, he could probably achieve 50% per year. Having a small sum allows you to invest in some opportunities that big funds can't realistically get into, such as microcap stocks. Big fund managers also have to worry about career risk, which prevents them from taking a long term view. I obviously don't have that problem.

But despite the advantages, achieving 16% per year would still be considered a major feat. I'm definitely aiming high, and there's a great chance I'll miss.


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