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asked Jan 14, 2019 11:38 AM by
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I am trying to input my numbers into this calculator and I keep getting errors. Could I get some help?

my basic numbers 1. combined gross income of $180,000 2. House purchase price = $925,000 3. Rental Income (renting a suite of the house) = $1500

Yes, changing savings to $200, 000 fixed the issue.

One problem is I don't know how to apply a situation of a combined income to see the total picture for a married couple.

Spouse 1 at income of $90,000 Spouse 2 at income of $90,000

When I input $180,000 into income field, then the chart is saying we have $50,000+ each year in investable cash which seems wrong.

Any ideas on how to input a Married Couple's situation?

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answered Jan 14, 2019 12:02 PM by
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Hi badbol,

When I input your numbers, the spreadsheet indicates the following : "Error - Insufficient funds for owning".

Meaning that you also need to update the values in the "Income and Savings" section. For example, if you update cell H29 to $200,000, you should get rid of the error.

If you could unprotect the sheets, it would likely make your life easier and help you fully understand what's going on in there. Good luck with that spreadsheet!

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Thanks for the reply!

badboi ( Jan 14, 2019 02:14 PM )edit

Thank you for replying on my behalf. On the topic of considering a married couple's situation, I unfortunately can't help there. The tool I have is too simple for handling tax considerations, etc. I would recommend speaking with a financial planner.

Jin Choi ( Jan 17, 2019 03:47 PM )edit
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