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asked Apr 02, 2019 02:46 PM by
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Hi Jin, Are you going to provide the new portfolios composition? It was supposed to come at the end of February. I used them to invest through Questrade maybe you have some advise. I understand that you start a new platform also. When would that be available? Thank you, Florian

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answered Apr 06, 2019 09:15 PM by
Jin Won Choi gravatar image Administrator

Hi florian,

I'm sorry for the delay with respect to the portfolio updates. We're working on a new platform to host model portfolios in, and that's causing the delay. I also don't anticipate any significant changes to the model portfolios. The portfolios are already positioned somewhat defensively, and I believe that's still appropriate in today's environment.


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answered Apr 12, 2019 01:34 AM by
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Nice topic thanks .

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