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Junior Software Developer

Job Description

MoneyGeek earns money by building custom financial software, and by licensing proprietary financial data to financial firms. As a junior software developer, you will perform the following tasks:

  • Build and test data scraping and processing algorithms
  • Build and test APIs
  • Administer Amazon Web Services
  • Create docker images
  • Create unit tests for existing software and fix bugs

MoneyGeek operates out of the private residence of Jin Choi in London, Ontario. Relocation to London would be preferable, but MoneyGeek will consider candidates who wish to work remotely.

MoneyGeek anticipates offering around $50,000/year in salaries, plus potential bonuses and 3 weeks of vacation.

Skills and Experience

You don't need any formal schooling or work experience to apply for this job. However, you must have worked on a personal project to demonstrate your passion for programming.

In the job, you will devote a significant amount of time educating yourself on finance and programming techniques. As such, the ability to learn quickly and independently is essential.

Application Process

Step 1: Please email the following to info (at) to apply:

  • Resume (LinkedIn profile is acceptable)
  • Links to repositories that contain your personal projects

Step 2: Qualifying candidates will receive a request for a Skype interview. The interview will include a small coding test to test the candidate's ability to create algorithms.

Step 3: Candidates who do well in the interview will receive a small programming assignment. The project will involve using technology that is new for the candidate. The aim of this assignment is to test the candidate's ability to learn. Candidates will also be asked to provide two references.

Step 4: Candidates who make it to this step will be given a real work project that will take at least several weeks to complete. MoneyGeek will pay the candidate for this project regardless of whether the candidate becomes a full time employee.

Step 5: Candidate(s) who perform well in the project will receive an offer of employment.

This job posting will stay open until the end of December, 2017. MoneyGeek anticipates issuing a letter of employment to a candidate around February, 2018.

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