Last update on July 25, 2016.

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A few months ago, I launched the new ‘Stocks’ tool in this site. The tool provides ratings and information on nearly all Canadian stocks.

When I first launched the tool, I expected it to draw a lot of visitors. Unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed with the results. I believe there are a few reasons for the lack of traffic, but two of the main ones are loading speed, and the domain name.

When you go to the ‘Stocks’ page, it generally takes a second or two to load. That may not sound like much, but it matters if you want to look at many different pages. Research has shown that long page load times discourage page views, and I felt my own frustration rise whenever I encountered a slow page.

Also, I noticed that domains with .com are highly favoured by search engines. A few months ago, I became aware of, which has no affiliation with this site. Despite being newer and having less content, the site has risen through the search rankings such that it now occupies the #2 spot when you search the term ‘MoneyGeek’ (this site is still #1). I believe having the .com domain has played a part in its success.

In order to address these issues, I decided to spin off the ‘Stocks’ page into a new site called Saevis provides essentially the same information as the ‘Stocks’ pages, minus the list of most highly rated stocks. After I’ve transferred the page that lists the highly rated stocks, I will remove the Stocks section from MoneyGeek.

You will notice that Saevis pages load much more quickly. In the coming months, I plan on introducing new features to the site that will make it more useful. I would be grateful if you have any suggestions or comments.

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