Announcement: We're Hiring A Junior Software Developer

Last update on Oct. 23, 2017.

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Given that all the resources available on this website are free, you may wonder how I (Jin Choi) make money through this site. Blogging and maintaining resources take a significant amount of time and as well as some money, yet I don't generate any advertising income through the site itself (though I do generate a small referral income by recommending Questrade through a YouTube video). Is MoneyGeek just a gratuitous hobby project?

The answer is No. The way I make money is by selling software development services to financial firms. I created this site all by myself, including all the mathematical algorithms, the provision and design of the database, the user interface programming, and even the site's look and feel. This site, and other sites I created (e.g. Saevis) serve as demonstrations of my expertise.

As it turns out, it's rare for someone to possess this particular combination of skills, so I've received a good number of project opportunities to date. In fact, I'm almost at the point where I don't have the time to work on every project by myself. Therefore, I've decided to look for a junior software developer. You can either check out the details in this link, or go to MISC -> Job Openings in the menu.

I believe this is a good opportunity for someone early in their career to not only learn programming, but to learn some quantitative finance as well. If you know of someone who might be interested, I would be grateful if you passed this message along.

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