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Gold Moves Up - But Will It Continue To?

Last update on July 1, 2019.

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At the beginning of every month, I brief members on how MoneyGeek's Regular portfolios have performed and comment on the state of the financial markets. In this update, I’ll also share my thoughts on gold.


June Performance of Regular Portfolios

The performance of MoneyGeek's Regular portfolios for the month of June 2019 were as follows:


Last Month

Last 12 Months

Since Apr 2013















-2.2 ...

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Why You Should Buy Gold If You Foresee Deflation, Not Inflation (CGL)

Last update on May 30, 2016.

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Conventional wisdom says that we should buy gold when we expect to see high inflation. The argument is simple: gold prices generally keep up with the rate of inflation, so when inflation is high, gold prices  should rise.

Five years ago, as gold prices approached $1,900 USD/oz (U.S. dollars an ounce), a stream of endless talking heads appeared on business TV channels and newspapers to promote the idea that gold was headed to $4,000 USD/oz or more.

Their reasoning was simple.

The Federal Reserve, which is ...

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