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Step By Step Process For Researching A Stock

Last update on April 28, 2014.

Airplane mechanics follow a process so as to not miss some vital detail. In picking stocks, it helps to have a process too, to minimize the chance of missing some important detail.


Picking stocks take a lot of work. Most companies are complex organizations, so there's a lot to understand. Picking stocks is also an activity where overlooking a seemingly small detail can potentially cost you dearly. That's why it helps to have a system in place which reminds you to give attention to the necessary details. In this article, I'll outline my own personal process ...

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What Is Value Investing?

Last update on Jan. 26, 2015.

Bejamin Graham

Benjamin Graham: Graham is considered the father of Value Investing. The book 'The Intelligent Investor' remains a classic today.


Recently, I've created two series of blog posts arguing against the two most popular investment philosophies of today.

In the first series, I argued against the efficient market hypothesis - i.e. the idea that the markets are completely rational, and therefore it's impossible to outsmart them.

In the second series, I argued against dividend investing - i.e. the idea that higher yielding dividend stocks give you superior returns relative to their risk.

Now that you know what I ...

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