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What Are Segregated Funds, And Are They Worth Investing In?

Last update on April 6, 2015.

House on fire


In analyzing a potential investment, only two qualities ultimately matter. The two qualities are expected returns, and risk. Given the same expected returns, investors prefer investments with lower risk. Given the same risk, investors prefer investments with higher expected returns.

Numerous financial products and armies of investment professionals are devoted to the pursuit of maximizing expected returns while minimizing risk. Unfortunately, there is almost always a tradeoff between the two. . An investment opportunity that offers higher expected returns almost always comes with higher risks. For example, stocks have historically offered higher returns than bonds, but they’ve also come with ...

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Why Bank Accounts Are Dangerous To Your Retirement

Last update on July 21, 2014.

Bank account


Think the money you've saved up for retirement is safe at the bank? Think again.

I'll explain why this may be the case for you and so many other Canadians approaching retirement. Just to be clear, I’m not talking doom and gloom or some financial apocalyptic meltdown. Actually, I'm talking about the exact opposite; a banking system so good at what it does that it’s often to your detriment.

Dominating our economy stand 5 pillars of the Canadian banking system. They are, in order of size, RBC, TD, Scotia Bank, BMO and CIBC. These five banks ...

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Review Of An Actual Investors Group Portfolio

Last update on Jan. 10, 2015.

Investors Group Logo: Displayed under creative commons license


A couple of months ago, a long time Investors Group client emailed me what they had him invested in. What I saw appalled me. Here's what his portfolio looked like:

Investors Income Plus Portfolio A #00292
Investors Real Property Fund A #00286
Investors Canadian High Yield Income Fund Series A DSC #00922
Investors Global Bond Fund Series A DSC #00916
IG Mackenzie Income Fund Series A DSC #00931
Investors Dividend Fund A #00283
IG FI Canadian Allocation Fund A #00349
Investors Global Fund A #00289
Investors Greater China Fund A #00565
IG Mackenzie Emerging Markets Class A ...

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