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Have A Personal Financial Question? Ask An Approved Advisor

Last update on Jan. 2, 2017.

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EDIT: To direct a question to the approved advisors, set the visibility of the question to 'Approved Advisors Only' when you ask a question on the Q&A Forum.

Since I launched MoneyGeek, I’ve had a steady number of people ask me for advice regarding their personal finances. Sometimes, I was able to give them answers but at other times, I wasn’t able to. This is because I’m not a licensed financial advisor.

Regulation prevents me from giving personalized investment advice. I can answer general questions, such as whether or not I ...

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How Much Do Financial Advisors Charge, Really?

Last update on July 17, 2013.

Money origami

A few of my friends have financial advisors. When I ask them how much they think the advisor is costing them, I usually get a very confused response.

"Don't they work for free?"

is sometimes what I hear. Others say that they're aware that mutual funds are charging them roughly 2% per year. When I ask them if they think that's too much, they shrug their shoulders. 2% doesn't sound like a lot.

Until, I ask them the following.

"If you have $50,000 in mutual funds, 2% is $1,000 per year. Are you happy ...

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